Case Studies


Collaborative conversational AI assistant with automation

California-based startup emerged as an organization dedicated to reshaping online discussions with open-source technology

Conversational AI platform that allows multiple users to collaboratively work in real time for an array of state-of-the-art self-hosted LLMs in a secure and safety way.

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Rothwand Case Study AI Data LLMs

Automated data scraping platform powered by AI

Germany’s PR agency specializes in digital public relations, focusing on creating and managing online PR strategies, social media marketing, and content creation for brands and businesses.

An all-in-one AI-powered platform enabling digital journalists to request and scrape domain-specific web content, leveraging LLMs for multi-category expertise.

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woodwatch Vstorm

Preparing Data for AI and LLMs Integration

WoodWatch has been named to the FT1000, the Financial Times ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies and  listed by Forbes.

Business intelligence software ready for AI and LLMs integration gave WoodWatch a clear view of important data, turning it into actionable insights

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Fight against diabetes with data and advanced AI

Glucoactive is a Research and Development start-up, with an estimated worth of above 6 million euros. this featured Tech Crunch start-up is working on a revolutionary medical care product that will change the way we treat diabetes.

GlucoActive’s new AI-compatible data engineering tools enhance data management and streamline device R&D. These tools support detailed analysis and high-quality outcomes. Collaboration with Vstorm has reduced costs and boosted capabilities with specialized expertise.

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Case Study senetic AI

AI-powered automated inbound responses for 14 countries

Global provider of IT solutions for businesses and public organizations seeking to create a collaborative digital environment and ensure seamless daily operations.

An AI-driven internal sales platform that interprets inbound sales emails, utilizing LLM connection to different sources from product information while allowing manual customization of responses.


Psychometric measurement software based on data-driven tests

Successful visualizations on the front end improve the capacity to recognize and understand patterns presented in information displays. Only this way can you build an ecosystem that gives you the most reliable data and the clearest, easiest-to-understand insights. Based on it, MindSonar users can make smart decisions, including about key personnel, which might determine the future of the organization.

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Remote extended tech teams for Atos

The primary objective was to augment the international IT teams with highly qualified, experienced IT specialists.

Vstorm’s post-hiring efforts and community-first approach lead to a retention rate of 93%, a good rate in the European IT environment.

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R&D remote team extension AI

Vstorm and Sonorys - A Collaborative Triumph in Telecommunications

Sonorys highly values the technical proficiency and dedication demonstrated by the engineers provided by Vstorm. This partnership has allowed Sonorys to enhance its R&D capabilities and meet its project goals efficiently. The success of this collaboration highlights the effectiveness of Vstorm’s approach, which emphasizes not only technical skills but also cultural fit and long-term commitment to projects.

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Remote Testing Resources for Viessmann R&D Center

Viessmann’s main goal was to hire remote testers to augment their in-house R&D quality assurance team.

Vstorm provided Viessmann with a good-fit pool of quality assurance specialists to fill the position.

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Evryface, an AI-powered photoshoots

We have technically and strategically supported the recently launched new product called Evryface. The product is an AI-powered solution.  It enables users to create professional photos, avatars, and headshots of themselves without ever leaving their homes. The platform allows users to upload their photos and receive studio-quality photos within minutes. It offers a range of customization options to suit their preferences.

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