Collaborative Conversational AI Assistant with Automation



Established in 2011, a California-based startup has emerged to reshaping online discussions through open-source technology. Their mission is to enable conversations over the world’s knowledge. Drawing from their founder’s expertise in climate change, this organization has made a name for itself by developing applications that powerfully enhance online interactions through annotations.


In collaboration with Vstorm, the California-based startup embarked on a project marked by ambition and innovation. This initiative aimed to craft an AI platform that is open-source and user-friendly, addressing the growing need for a versatile platform for Large Language Models (LLMs). The project’s design goal was to allow multiple users to collaborate in real-time using various state-of-the-art LLMs (API-based and custom models with their infrastructure). The primary objective is to enable self-hosted applications and utilize custom-developed LLMs to enhance data security, safety, transparency, and control over the LLMs trained on the company’s data, ensuring the accuracy of results.


“One of the key outcomes of this engagement has been the successful application of generative AI to facilitate collaboration. Our feedback-driven approach led to significant improvements in project execution and efficiency, overcoming initial challenges and demonstrating our ability to adapt and innovate in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.”


The platform stands out with its dual chat+layer system, one for organizational communication and another dedicated to prompt design and chaining. The project prides itself on the capability for prompt library additions to enhance its utility and functionalities that interface with diverse LLMs. Transparent collaboration is at its core, with immediate usability for entities integrated with external applications like G-suite. The platform’s memory function enables it to perform in the context of previous messages, offering appropriate responses and support.

During the development process, safety and security aspects were addressed to allow the controlled utilization of custom-developed LLMs, impacting the security, safety, transparency, and control over the LLMs trained on company data.


Vstorm continues to support the project by integrating new features and expanding the Conversational AI Assistant with Automation. The layer dedicated to design conversations fosters creativity and innovation. The platform is more than a tool; it embodies the story of connecting and growing together in the digital age, where every message fosters better understanding and collaboration. Users across various domains can experience transparency and ease in collaboration with conversational AI.

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Antoni Kozelski CEO & Co-founder