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Community that drives your full potential

Vstorm is a community created by and for IT professionals that drives your full potential. We follow remote-first culture, a workplace 4.0 approach; we care about work-life balance and our impact on the societies we live in. In Vstorm you will find people who enjoy their jobs while working for both big enterprises and smart SMBs; people who live their full potential and do what they promise.

Our values

What is important to us?


Driving your full potential

We focus on expanding skills and expertise



Sharing a similar mindset.


Agile thinking

For us agile thinking, it is the way to adapt, deliver and grow.


Support, respect and partnership

We build long-term relationships and do our best to support co-workers and clients.


Social and environmental responsibility

We want to give back to the world.


Currently open positions

Senior Front-End Developer


15 800 - 22 500 zł net +VAT (B2B),
13 100 - 18 700 gross (UoP)

Mid Front-End Developer


10 000 zł - 15 800 zł + VAT (B2B)
8300 - 13 100 zł gross (UoP/UZ)

Senior DevOps Engineer

Remote; ongoing

16 800 - 23 600 zł +VAT (B2B)
14 000 - 19 600 zł gross (UoP)

Mid DevOps Engineer

Remote, ongoing

11 500 -16 800 zł +VAT (B2B),
9 500 - 14 000 zł gross (UoP)

Senior Java Developer

Remote, ongoing

18 100 - 26 500 zł+ VAT (B2B)
15 000 - 22 000 zł gross (UoP/UZ)

Mid Java Developer


11 000 -18 100 zl net +VAT (B2B),
9 100 - 15 000 zl gross (UoP)

Senior Manual Software Tester (with Banking)

Remote, ongoing

12 700 - 16 800 zł+ VAT (B2B)
10 550 - 14 000 zł gross (UoP/UZ)

Mid Manual Software Tester


8 500 -12,700 zl net +VAT (B2B)
7 100 - 10 550 zl gross (UoP)

Senior Linux Engineer

Remote, ongoing

14 200 - 17 800 zł + VAT (B2B)
11 800 - 14 800 zł gross (UoP/UZ)

Senior Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint/CRM/.NET

Remote, ongoing

17 000 - 22 500 zł + VAT (B2B)
14 100 - 18 700 zł gross (UoP/UZ)

Mid Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint/CRM/.NET


14 000 -16 500 net +VAT (B2B),
11 700 - 13 700 gross (UoP)

Mid / Senior Project manager (Agile)

Remote, ongoing

8 200 - 17 500 zł + VAT (B2B)
6 800 - 14 530 zł gross (UZ)

PHP Developer

Remote, ongoing

6 000 - 17 000 PLN + VAT (B2B)

Mid / Senior Integration Test Engineer

Remote, ongoing

12 000 - 25 000 zł + VAT (B2B)
10 000 - 20 800 zł gross (UoP/UZ)

Mobile app freelancer

Remote, hourly rate

React-Native / Flutter

Front-end freelancer

Remote, hourly rate

React / Vue / Angular

SENIOR Automation Tester

Remote, ongoing

12 700 - 16 800 net +VAT (B2B)
10 550 - 14 000 zl gross (UoP)

MID Automation Tester

Remote, ongoing

8 500 -12,700 zl net +VAT (B2B)
7 100 - 10 550 zl gross (UoP)

DevOps Engineer (Kubernetes)

Remote, ongoing

MID 11,500 -16,800 zł net +VAT (B2B)
SENIOR 16,800 - 23,600 zł net +VAT (B2B)

Work at VSTORM


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What you should know

Frequently asked questions

We are a remote-first company, which means that we don’t have a headquarter, although our primary location is in Wroclaw, Poland, where our core team is. We have engineers from all parts of Poland, as well as from other countries.

The recruitment process includes a short phone interview with a Vstorm Team member and a technical interview with our partner. It can be only one interview up to 1,5 h or two interviews if we want to learn more about your experience and discuss some specific details related to the project.

After the screening stage and technical round, we prepare an individual membership offer to join our community.

Yes. There are time zone constraints that require some overlap with our partners (usually 4-5 hours). As long as you’re able to commit to working and being available online during this overlap and attending the necessary calls.

At Vstorm Team, we only hire people who can fully dedicate themselves to a project. That means a standard 40 hours per week.

Every team member receives an hourly wage at a rate that’s decided at the end of the application process. This rate is determined by your experience, communication ability, leadership ability, and overall skills. Vstorm Team transfers the money within 14 days from the date of the sent invoice

The workstation and phone, if it is required for the role,  is being provided by our partners.

On B2B contract Vstorm Team doesn’t offer paid vacation time but can arrange for vacation time. We encourage you to incorporate vacation time into your hourly rate before you get a 30-days paid break after 5 years. Every five years we offer sabbatical leave i.e 30-day paid break



If you have more questions, here you can find straight answers to your questions... or most of them :)

Our recognitions

Selected awards


Top B2B Companies in Poland, 2019


Top 100 Custom Software Developers in Poland, 2019


Top 40 Mobile App Developers in Poland, 2019


Top 20 mobile app developers in Poland by Appfutura, 2019


Awarded design project by Behance: cutting UX/UI design


Top-rated profile on the biggest workspace in the world, 2018-20

Our culture and values

We are a remote-first community with an energetic culture

Community-driven approach

Community is about getting people together around a shared purpose, similar mindset, and the topics they care about. In Vstorm we have been setting up the selected community of IT professionals so that all members can add value to each other, support, and grow.


Workplace 4.0

Remote and flexible — the ability to work whenever and wherever you want —will be the new future of work. In Vstorm, our primary tool for workplace 4.0 is the passion and sport-oriented application Motivo, which joins the community. We emphasize workplace ergonomics and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Digital nomads and familists

Digital nomads are location-independent people who can work anywhere with a technological connection. Of course, among us are also digital familists, who enjoy family life and develop their passions as flextime arrangements help them spend time with their families in the most effective way.


Green values

As our planet is shaking, we know it’s time for us to act and go green. The studies find that home working is significantly greener than usual commute into the office, reducing our emissions by up to 80% in some cases. In Vstorm, we advise how to reduce carbon footprint while working remotely, and we promote a no-waste culture.



CSR (Community Social Responsibility) means to us having a positive impact on the societies we live in. We are setting up programming workshops for unprivileged children, and we are closely collaborating with NGOs to give back to the world. We support e-learning, and we help local schools go into remote learning mode by sharing 1% of the community profits with them.

Perks and benefits

Why is it good to work at VSTORM?

Flexible working

Enjoy a long-term, 100% forever remote job in a flextime plan.

Long-term international projects

Work on compelling, long-term international projects for leading enterprises and smart SMBs, where you could expand your skills. At last!

Flat structure

Enjoy start-up atmosphere with minimum bureaucracy and flat structure.

Personal budget of $2,500

Unlock an annual budget of up to $2,500 to stay happy and choose from our catalog.

Awesome community

Get access to platform Motivo to complete challenges, bring some fun to work-life and get Vstorm coins and rewards.

Work & life balance

Keep a work-life balance and avoid being overloaded - we follow workplace 4.0 rules.

Recruitment process in simple steps

How to get on board?

Send your CV

Answer a few questions related to your experience in online form and attach your CV.

Pick up a call

Take a short phone call with our recruitment team.

First technical interview

It will take ~60-90 mins. It's time to meet our technical experts and show off your skills .

Second technical interview

Sometimes we ask for a second technical interview (~45 mins).

Membership offer to join Vstorm Community

We keep you informed on every step of your application process..

Welcome on board!

We decide fast! Can’t wait to meet you!.

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