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VSTORM - is a company with remote-first culture, worked with more than 45 clients from different parts of the world: the USA, western Europe, and Poland. At VSTORM you will find people who love their job and do what they promise, who build partnerships build on trust and willingness to help and support each other.

Core values

We focus on these 4 core values at VSTORM to achieve the vision



Feel more like a second home, and less like working for a paycheck



For us agile thinking, it is the way to adapt, deliver and grow.



We build long-term relationships and do our best to support co-workers and clients.



What drives us to work every day and get satisfaction on what has been done.


Currently open position

DevOps Engineer

Remote; ongoing

11 000 zł - 22 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)
9 000 - 16 000 PLN gross (UoP)

Regular Front-end Developer

Remote/Hybrid, ongoing

10 000 zł - 20 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)
9 000 - 16 500 PLN gross (UoP/UZ)

Senior PHP developer

Remote, ongoing

9 000 zł - 17 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)

Regular IOS developer

Remote, ongoing

8 500 zł - 17 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)
6 000 - 12 000 PLN gross (UoP/UZ)

Regular Android developer

Remote, ongoing

8 500 zł - 17 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)
6 000 - 12 000 PLN gross (UoP/UZ)

Manual software tester

Remote, ongoing

8 000 zł - 15 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)
7 000 - 12 500 PLN gross (UoP/UZ)

Java developer

Remote, ongoing

12 000 zł - 24 000 PLN + VAT (B2B)
10 000 - 20 000 PLN gross (UoP/UZ)

Senior Linux Engineer

Remote, ongoing

11 000 zł - 16 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)
9 000 - 13 500 PLN gross (UoP/UZ)

Project manager (Agile)

Remote, ongoing

4 500 - 7 000 PLN + VAT (B2B)
4 000 - 5 500 PLN gross (UZ)

Python developer

Remote, ongoing

6 500 zł - 11 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)

Regular PHP developer with Vue.js

Remote, ongoing

6 500 zł - 10 000 zł PLN + VAT (B2B)

Mobile app freelancer

Remote, hourly rate

React-Native / Flutter

Back-end freelancer

Remote, hourly rate

Python / PHP / JS

Front-end freelancer

Remote, hourly rate

React / Vue / Angular

Work at VSTORM


Did not find what you're looking for?


Employee referral program

Recommend the candidate to VSTORM team and get rewards or cash bonus! #likeaboss


Are you a student or looking to get your first experience?

Grow with experts in VSTORM, join our team to work closely with senior developers, and get your experience in modern technologies. Send us your CV via email.


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Top 100 Custom Software Developers in Poland, 2019


Top 40 Mobile App Developers in Poland, 2019


Top 20 mobile app developers in Poland by Appfutura, 2019


Awarded design project by Behance: cutting UX/UI design


Top-rated profile on the biggest workspace in the world, 2018-20

Our culture

We are a remote-first company with an amazing culture

We are remote-first culture company

Remote working means for us to do your work from an environment that you’re comfortable with from where you want, cooperating with great people over the world. Don’t miss out on life’s important moments, keep your work & life balance, and build trustful cooperation.


We are growing ourselves by co-creation

Your voice is counting. Impact directly on company growth and bring your ideas to life. We want you to have every opportunity to stay fresh and up to date on the trends and technologies in our industry.


Flat & balance

Honesty is the best policy, you always keep up to date about important facts of the company. Work with us in a startup atmosphere without bureaucracy and with limitless respecting.


Why work at VSTORM?


Do your great work from an environment that you’re comfortable in from where you want, whenever you want.

Fair compensation

Appropriate compensation with periodical evaluation and paid days off for you.

Awesome community

Have fun with the team once a year doing cool stuff in one place. And also share your hobby, interests and time by constant virtual integrations.

Individual budget on benefits

Decide how to spend your quarterly budget on what you want

Become co-owner

Become VSTORM’s shareholder in the future with stock option plan.

Flexible contract agreement

Let’s talk about what do you prefer!

Social responsibility

We care about natural and environment

Remote and eco-friendly

We are PDF lovers. We don’t use paper documents in our company and care about the environment by generating as low emissions as possible.
We help local schools and kids to transform into remote learning mode by sharing with them 1% of the company’s profit.


How to get on board?

Send your CV

Just apply via a specific job offer. We respond to you fast, with a few organizational questions on email..

Remote face to face interview

Small Q&A session to discuss your experience and expectation. Feel free to ask your questions as well..

Technical interview

Time to meet our technical experts. Experience and know-how are crucial, but a cultural match is also important to us..

Welcome on board!

We decide fast! Can’t wait to meet you!.

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