Candidates: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the values of the Vstorm community?

“Community that drives your full potential” is what we believe. We follow remote-first culture, a workplace 4.0 approach; we care about work-life balance and our impact on the societies we live in. In Vstorm, you will find people who enjoy their jobs while working for both big enterprises and smart SMBs; people who live their full potential and do what they promise.

What are your perks?

Apart from working 100% remotely with flextime, each Vstorm community member receives an annual budget of $2,500 to drive their full potential and achieve their life goals. We would like you to follow your passion, take risks and try new things, including traveling and self-development.

Where is your company’s headquarter?

We are a remote-first company, which means that we don’t have a headquarter, although our primary location is in Wroclaw, Poland, where our core team is. We have engineers from all parts of Poland and other countries. 

How does Vstorm communicate daily?

We use tools like Slack, Hangouts, Google Docs, Notion, etc., to communicate daily. We communicate with partners via private channels, regular video #coffee-small-talks, or sharing your news or fun things on #social Slack channels. We also have regular meetings online events to play games, explore themes and share our great news to stay updated with the community. 

Where do I receive the work equipment from?

Our partners are providing the workstation and phone (if needed).

Applying for a job:

How does the recruitment process look? 

The recruitment process includes a short phone interview with a Vstorm Team member and a technical interview with our partner. It can be only one interview up to 1,5 h or two interviews if we want to learn more about your experience and discuss some specific details related to the project.

After the screening stage and technical round, we prepare an individual membership offer to join our community. 

How long is the recruitment process at Vstorm? 

The whole process usually takes 1 to 3 weeks to verify if a candidate has a good culture fit and whether his experience meets our partner’s requirements. Then, finally, a candidate gets a membership offer with perks for joining our community, including an annual budget to drive your full potential (link), financial details, and contract terms.

Are all jobs that I see on your website authentic? 

All the jobs on the job boards come from requests from our partners. We fill them once we find the right candidate. So they are as accurate as they come. 

Who are you looking for? 

We are constantly recruiting for many positions, including non-IT. You can check all open job posts here We search for remote developers with at least a few years of commercial experience in their core technologies. Our partners expect to immediately start producing value on often large projects with complex codebases. 

Could you share at least brief information about the project I am about to join? 

The amount of information we can share will always depend on the project. Usually, we share a description that does not break our Non-Disclosure Agreements. Once you are assigned to the project, the Project Manager, Account Manager, and other team members will share all the details you need.

What level of English proficiency is required to join the Vstorm?  

Since most of our clients are international companies, a remote developer must be fluent in English. Therefore, the most important thing is to be able to communicate freely.

If I want to relocate to Poland, would you help me with it? 

Yes, we are helping EU residents or non-EU residents, especially from Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Armenia who would like to move to Poland. We can help you and your family with tickets, accommodation, legalization of your stay, and support you in day-to-day challenges for Poland’s guests. 

Can I work with Vstorm Team as a non-EU-based citizen? 

Yes, you can, though; some projects require citizenship of the EU or even being on the territory of Poland. 

Working with Vstorm Team:

Do I work in teams or alone?

The majority of our roles are part of projects that already have a handful or more developers actively working on them. Therefore, you will rarely be alone on a project. It generally only occurs when that developer is highly experienced across all the skills required for such a role.

Do you have a flextime approach? 

Yes. Time zone constraints require some overlap with our partners (usually 4-5 hours). As long as you can commit to working and being available online during this overlap and attending the necessary calls.

Do members of the Vstorm work on one project or many?

Vstorm Team members work on one project at a time, so they don’t have to waste time and energy switching from one task to another. At Vstorm Team, we know how costly context-switching is, especially when you’re in the zone.

About Finances and Contract terms

Will you hire me full-time or as a freelancer?

Vstorm Team is primarily focused on providing developers with full-time (168 hours/month), long-term projects, contracting remotely with our company in Poland. However, we might offer a part-time role to remote developers under certain conditions.

Will I be working full-time or part-time hours?

At Vstorm Team, we only hire people who can fully dedicate themselves to a project. That means a standard 40 hours per week.

Will I have paid vacation?

Get a 30-day paid break every five years. Vstorm Team doesn’t offer paid vacation time but can arrange for vacation time. We encourage you to incorporate vacation time into your hourly rate before getting a 30-days paid break after 5 years.

Is there any probation period?

We usually do not have a probation period, but this could change if our partners require so.

How will I get paid?

Every team member receives an hourly wage at a decided rate at the end of the application process. This rate is determined by your experience, communication, leadership, and overall skills. Vstorm Team transfers the money within 14 days from the date of the sent invoice. 

How does the company calculate the time spent on projects?

Don’t worry; we do not use any spying software. Instead, to make sure you get paid the right amount for the hours you’ve worked, we use time-tracking software or just a simple excel. Based on it, you’ll be able to report on how many hours you’ve spent on your assignment.

Do I need to take care of my taxes?

Yes. Because we hire you as a full-time contractor, you’ll need to take care of your taxes. Vstorm offers tax advice and cost optimization with our experts for Polish residents.

How long will my contract last?

Most contracts last about 2 years or more, depending on the requirements of our partners. Some contracts can be as short as 3 months, and others have lasted 10 years.