The LLM Book

The LLM Book explores the world of Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models, examining their capabilities, technology, and adaptation.

Perfect for tech enthusiasts and professionals, this book provides a clear understanding of LLMs and their impact on various fields.

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The LLM Book

What is included in the book?

Large Language Models development LLM-based software AI

Text and empty words alone won’t help you use AI in your business or even understand it. That’s why we created a book that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application.

In the book, we covered topics such as:

  • AI basic
  • History of AI
  • Large Language Models
  • LLM Capabilities
  • Technologies
  • Team composition & positions


Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Yes, “The LLM Book” is completely free and will always remain free. Our mission is to educate and demonstrate the importance of AI now and in the future. By providing this book at no cost, we aim to make valuable knowledge accessible to everyone, fostering a deeper understanding of AI and its transformative potential.

Reading “The LLM Book” offers valuable insights through real-life examples, enhancing your understanding of AI technologies and their capabilities. It provides a historical context of AI development, helping you appreciate its evolution and future potential. This comprehensive approach equips you with the knowledge and skills to effectively engage with the field of AI.

“The LLM Book” stands out by being based on our extensive knowledge and real-world applications of AI. Unlike many other books, it provides practical insights and examples directly from our experience. Our goal is to be leaders in the AI field, and this book reflects our commitment to sharing information and innovative practices.

Yes, “The LLM Book” is suitable for everyone. It caters to both individuals who have already started their journey with AI and those who are just beginning to learn about AI and language models. The content is designed to be accessible and informative for all levels of expertise.

“The LLM Book” is regularly updated with new insights and information. Our goal is to develop a resource that serves as your comprehensive AI assistant, showcasing all opportunities and potential innovations in the field. By keeping the content current, we ensure you have access to the latest developments and advancements in AI.

The LLM Book provided me with clear, actionable insights into AI and its practical uses.

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Robert Founder of Gekko Photonics

After reading The LLM Book, I feel more confident about integrating AI and LLMs into my business strategy.

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Matt CEO & Co-founder at Woodpeaker

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About Authors

At Vstorm, we specialize in creating custom AI and LLM-based software solutions. We help startups, scaleups, and tech companies drive ROI through hyper-personalization, hyper-automation, and enhanced decision-making processes, all powered by advanced AI technologies.

We combine deep knowledge with extensive practical experience to deliver exceptional results. Our impressive track record includes serving over 45 clients across 9 countries, providing innovative and tailored AI solutions that foster growth and efficiency.

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