Psychometric measurement software based on data-driven tests

What does MindSonar do?

MindSonar measures mindsets. It is a complete software platform for data collection, synchronization, and visualization of multimodal human behavior. It is a psychological instrument that measures people’s thoughts (their Meta Programs) and what they find important (their Graves Drives). Your mindset influences how you evaluate things, what you notice, and what you overlook. And that, in turn, determines your results, also at work.  

MindSonar uses several online applications for administering tests, generating reports, and managing professional users. Clients receive a 30-page in-depth profile of how individuals think in a given context that makes the invisible visible.

MindSonar is used in prestigious organizations such as the Dutch armed forces, a top European automobile manufacturer, the Olympic Dressage team, and one of Europe’s premier banks. Top-level recruitment, choosing key decision makers, solving internal conflicts, improving team (group) process & composition, offering insights into problems and resources, and clarifying training goals are among the many usages of this revolutionary authorial approach.

What was MindSonar’s goal?

The MindSonar team was looking for a way to scale their current solution, due to new improvements they wanted to implement. They started working with clients from new countries and needed to speed up the scale phase.

One of the major elements of the client’s expectation was to make a printed PDF report which is a visualization of data, and then move to a digital solution first. As well as the constant maintenance of the platform for further growth. The goal was to smoothly collect, process, and visualize the data gained during the tests in a digital-first environment. 


Their knowledge, eye for detail, and willingness to commit was impressive.

Global Director, MindSonar


In this ongoing collaboration, which will soon reach the three-year mark, Vstorm serves as a technological partner and expertise source point. Vstorm redesigned the application to match the best practices of newer technologies, which simply accelerated the process of long-term development. It’s important to note that over the years, the system architecture has changed to improve the flow of data. For better data visualization, there was a significant upgrade in the dashboard that allows collectively analyzing data by country, gender, and other main parameters to look for further patterns in behavior.  In addition, the processes of entering new markets have been partially automated.

Successful visualizations on the front end improve the capacity to recognize and understand patterns presented in information displays. Only this way can you build an ecosystem that gives you the most reliable data and the clearest, easiest-to-understand insights. Based on it, MindSonar users can make smart decisions, including about key personnel, which might determine the future of the organization. 

Antoni Kozelski
CEO & Co-founder