Vstorm and Sonorys – A Collaborative Triumph in Telecommunications

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What does Sonorys do?

Sonorys, a renowned expert and supplier of telecommunications solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), is recognized for its exceptional ability to customize products to meet customer needs, provide rapid time-to-market solutions, maintain high-quality, and offer unmatched total cost of ownership. With a commitment to excellence, Sonorys has established itself as a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Challenges Faced by Sonorys:

Sonorys aimed to expand and strengthen its R&D team with highly skilled engineers who could work remotely. Their goal was to find individuals not only with the technical expertise required but also those who possessed the mindset and dedication to contribute to a long-term project.

How Vstorm Collaborated with Sonorys:

Vstorm, a prominent technological partner, was engaged to assist Sonorys in identifying and onboarding qualified engineers to integrate their remote R&D team. The emphasis was on finding candidates with the technical skills essential for the role and a commitment to the enduring nature of the project.


This partnership has allowed Sonorys to enhance its R&D capabilities and meet its project goals efficiently.


Managing Director, Sonorys



Through a rigorous selection process, Vstorm successfully identified and delivered highly qualified engineers to Sonorys. These engineers seamlessly integrated into Sonorys’ R&D team, working remotely and contributing their expertise to the company’s projects. The collaboration not only met Sonorys’ technical requirements but also aligned with the long-term vision of the organization.

Sonorys highly values the technical proficiency and dedication demonstrated by the engineers provided by Vstorm. This partnership has allowed Sonorys to enhance its R&D capabilities and meet its project goals efficiently. The success of this collaboration highlights the effectiveness of Vstorm’s approach, which emphasizes not only technical skills but also cultural fit and long-term commitment to projects.

In summary, the cooperation between Vstorm and Sonorys has been a resounding success, exemplifying the power of strategic partnerships in addressing the talent needs of growing companies in the telecommunications industry


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