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Let us take the guesswork out of recruiting and streamline your hiring process with our data-driven recruitment services.

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Teams extension

We hire pre-vetted senior IT specialists with strong technical backgrounds and excellent communication skills at an unbeatable price. Pay just one invoice – no hidden fees.

Staff augmentation

In this model, the client pays for the time actually worked by the employee, there are no hidden costs or commissions.

Full and part-time recruitment

We specialize in data-driven recruitment processes, with favorable pricing, improved time-to-hire, and retention program to ensure business continuity.

Key roles we recruit for

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How the recruitment cycle looks like?

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Discovery and analysis of needs and expectations:

-Initial meeting
-Price estimation with the offer

Choosing recruitment strategy & approach:

-Choosing the best team extension model of cooperation.
-Choosing recruitment strategy & approach
-Contract signing and NDA

Data-driven recruitment:

-Publishing and promotion of job offers
-Recruitment outreach to the chosen candidates
-Database matching based on skills and experience

Candidates’ proposal, interview, and offer:

-Proposing candidatures
-Setting interviews
-Candidate offer proposal
-Onboarding & employee retention
-Risk management procedures to ensure business continuity

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Offer advantages

Data-driven recruitment process

Improving the quality of hires has a direct impact on work efficiency. That may cost $10,000 with a probability of 50%. We solve it by scoring profiles due to the project/customer requirements to make data-driven decisions instead of mood-driven decisions to avoid high-cost mistakes.

Retention program

Bringing in the value of community membership

Zero cost of recruitment

Literally, the customer’s cost-per-hire is equal to zero, we take it on our shoulders. ​​Pre-vetting of developers is on our side, by decreasing the hours engaged by the Hiring Manager and recruiters in your team, you give them more hours for their core job. Imagine that you will save 40 hours per 1 position in total, which saves you on average around $1,000 for a recruiter and $1,000 for Hiring Manager.

Business continuity

The HR team monitors the employee's performance on a monthly basis, and on a quarterly basis, the team conducts deeper interviews with the customer to better understand the employee's performance and receive feedback on cooperation in the project. If something goes wrong, our team develops a recovery plan or starts the recruitment process from scratch before the employee leaves to ensure a smooth transition.


By improving time-to-hire, hired employees can add value faster. The average time to hire in 2022 for IT is 44 days. Vstorm’s average time to hire is 20 days, and we save you an average of 24 days.

Team extension success stories

Remote Testing Resources for Viessmann R&D Center

Viessmann’s main goal was to hire remote testers to augment their in-house R&D quality assurance team.

Vstorm provided Viessmann with a good-fit pool of quality assurance specialists to fill the position.

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Remote extended tech teams for Atos

The primary objective was to augment the international IT teams in Atos with highly qualified, experienced IT specialists.

Vstorm’s post-hiring efforts and community-first approach lead to a retention rate of 93%, a good rate in the European IT environment.

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Other models of engagement

Generative AI Lab

Use the potential of Generative AI development to boost your business's productivity, performance and reduce operational costs

Product builder

We've got your back with our end-to-end web product development process, starting small and scaling smart.

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