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We invest our expertise, experience, ideas, and tech infrastructure to help entrepreneurs co-create and build digital companies and businesses using our multidisciplinary skill set

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How we can help you?

You are in the right place to find the technical expertise you need to launch or scale your start-up. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, generative AI experience we can see your project through to completion. We’ll show you our Vstorm way to make your idea a reality.

Strategic and operations advisory

We help you to recreate your vision into actionable and clear strategic planning, and a product roadmap, and integrate plug-and-play procedures modules to your startup to speed up the process of building.

Leverage technology

We build a proof of concept, MVP, or tech solution on our infrastructure for the lowest possible cost and time-to-market while maintaining high quality.


Use the potential of network synergy to empower your startup's growth by testing your idea and getting new clients, partners, and top-tier coworkers.

Capital access

We are not Venture Capital, but we have wide access to capital through investors, VCs, business angels, and external partners, potentially interested to step in. Get help with fundraising, starting from the preparation and legal aspects to the daily work with investors.

Proven workflow of collaboration

Let’s work on your Proof of Concept (technological and business, legal, conceptual),  Proof of Business and finally  Proof of Organisation & Scaling-up, giving you a higher chance of advancing to your next business goal (i.e. financing round).

vstorm sygnet

Proof of Concept


  • The goal of this phase is to determine the technical feasibility of your project,
  • Without forgetting about legal, business, conceptual, and team-related aspects. We will provide you with the evidence you need to make informed decisions about your startup.

Proof of business


  • Testing the market: The startup releases its product to the market and analyzes feedback to customers. In this phase, it’s critically important to really understand the needs of customers and their criticisms (because these will come up 100% of the time).
  • Adaptation: In this phase, the startup needs to make adjustments to its product or business model based on customer feedback. Several iterations should be done in this phase until a market fit for the product is achieved.

Proof of Organisation & Scaling-up


  • Product-Market Fit: In this phase, the startup needs to optimize its business model. The goal is to get to the point where there is a direct ROI if more money is invested in the startup.
  • Scaling: Once the business model has been market-proven, this is the time to invest to start growing and scaling the business.

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How do we work?


We help founders grow their startups in the shortest period of time. We have blazed trails, so we know what you need.

Mission driven

We love what we do and we enjoy the path we are going on, we are on a mission to create extraordinary startups with a worldwide name

Goal oriented

We design and focus on meaningful goals, measuring, orchestrating, and achieving results.

Move fast

We build our philosophy around minimalism to build processes that shorten the time, increase speed, and decision-making to produce results faster.

Start-up success stories



Built entirely by Vstorm, Evryface is an AI-powered solution that will create professional photos, avatars, and headshots of  without leaving a home.

GDPR-compliant, fully secured and encrypted.

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This startup is an interior design company that offers an AI-based interior design assistant to help users create beautiful and personalized living spaces. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and the expertise of professional interior designers, the company offers a unique and personalized approach to home decor.

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Other models of engagement

Team extension model

Remote extended teams with pre-vetted profiles

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Project-based development

We build full-cycle projects with QA and Project Management, with author scenario-based methodology.

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Antoni Kozelski CEO & Co-founder

Startup-minded serial tech entrepreneur, business angel, and strategic advisor. Co-founder and CEO at Vstorm. Working globally, with a focus on western Europe, CEE, and the USA. Since 2017 strategically and operationally managing the company with a proven scaling record 200%+ YoY.

Key areas of expertise: strategy; team development; finance; project management; business development; marketing.