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As your business expands, you’ll need to hire more AI engineers. However, it is difficult to locate experienced specialists who can reliably produce high-quality code for your data. In fact, one of the driving forces behind the creation of Vstorm was to eliminate the time and effort spent on recruiting and selecting top-tier programmers.

You need a solid recruiting procedure if you want to staff up internally with high-quality data engineers. That holds true whether your business is a brand-new startup or a Fortune 500 behemoth. Having such a procedure in place can increase the quality of your applications and lessen the likelihood that you’ll end up with the incorrect developer on staff. In this article, we’ll explain how Vstorm identifies, evaluates, and ultimately selects its exceptional data engineers for employment.

Looking for AI professionals – Recruitment doesn’t cost you anything

The first step in every successful marketing campaign is to identify and learn about your target market. We keep tabs on where the best Python developers spend their time, both when they’re content in their current roles and when they’re on the hunt for a new one.

As for the latter, it’s not hard to see why. You can usually discover data engineers looking for work on job forums like JustJoinIT, Bulldog, or on social media like LinkedIn or Facebook. From what we’ve seen, it’s possible to identify qualified people there, but only after sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of applications. To recruit even more specialists, we’re also always trying out new employment boards.

It takes a lot of time and effort to filter through a large number of resumes on job boards in order to find qualified people. You should contact Vstorm if you are too busy with your company expansion to find a suitable programming team on your own.

The community approach attracts top talents. We take care of it

While we do post openings on employment sites, most of the qualified AI programmers are already working. That’s why we put so much more effort, money, and brainpower into devising strategies to catch the eye of those programmers. We are working hard to become an exciting and inspirational community. 

Vstorm was made only to help its AI specialists because we know that those who are happy, energized, and inspired make better work. However, if you want to bring in the most talented programmers, you need to create a setting where they can see themselves staying; one that encourages their development, allows for their autonomy, and helps them realize their full potential.

We rely a lot on word-of-mouth to find new employees because candidates who have been recommended have already been checked out by at least one reliable source. Therefore, they tend to be very qualified job candidates. That’s why we compensate our Vstorm members handsomely when they recommend other developers for open positions via our referral program.

If you want to find and keep excellent AI programmers, you can’t simply “post and pray.” You may either invest in making your firm a good place for developers to work, or you can contact a company like Vstorm, whose only mission is to service teams of top-tier programmers and to provide them to you whenever you need them.

The reliable applicant screening process

As soon as you start advertising remote job openings, you’ll need a reliable applicant screening process. The number of applicants and the size of your business will determine how you handle this. As a small business, you may be able to afford to meet with every applicant in order to identify the best fit. Keep in mind that even somewhat modest businesses get a lot of resumes for remote work.

We think it is preferable to implement a thorough screening system right away. As your business expands, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and time by using this method. Every month, hundreds of people apply to join Vstorm. In order to ensure that we hire the most qualified individuals for each open position, we have developed a state-of-the-art, in-house screening system.

We also give candidates information on how to make themselves stand out and increase their chances of being chosen. This helps our candidates in presenting themselves in the best light, which in turn aids our filters in extracting all relevant information from them, including their job history, desired working hours, and soft talents that they would offer to our team.

The Vstorm Pipefy system is part of a set of tools that are meant to make the hiring process easier. This is the paradigm we use to make better judgments in a complicated, rapidly-changing environment.

Recruitment process in practice

The first step in the process of getting someone to join Vstorm is to talk to them on the phone. We may learn about each other’s expectations and make a good first impression at the same time.

Not everything has to be answered on an introduction call. The purpose of this exercise is to determine whether or not the candidate and Vstorm would make a good match. Since most people on Vstorm stick around for 4 years or more (our voluntary retention rate is 93%), it’s important that everyone feel comfortable here. We take as much time as is necessary to learn about each candidate’s unique situation and help them determine whether or not their goals and ours coincide.

Most people end the first call because they can’t talk to each other in English or because their cultures don’t match well. At this point, cultural fit is more important than technical skills for the Vstorm. Our business partners have come to expect that our programmers will act and be a certain way.

In particular, we look at how willing candidates are to put the needs of others before their own and how much initiative they show. To us, it’s important that the AI developers we hire will have a good influence on our partners on a daily basis, and if they can’t convince us of that right away, we’d rather not waste anyone’s time by continuing to talk to them.

After the first phone conversation, we begin to narrow down exactly what position they are applying for. We’re starting round two of interviews to inquire extensively about their qualifications and background. At this point, we want to place them in a position where they can thrive professionally and personally, and where they will feel like they are making a significant contribution.

Technical skills testing is the third and last phase of our interview procedure. It is conducted on the client side: code reviews, project expectations, and answering questions designed to reveal their level of technical expertise.

If the candidate makes it through all the hoops, we then have a final conversation regarding the terms of the contract, when they can start, and any other relevant information. Once they’ve done that, they’re fully integrated into the Vstorm. They start off working on our in-house teams to demonstrate their dependability, initiative, and skill as a remote developer at the highest level. 

To Sum Up

Skilled data engineers are in short supply. It is considerably more challenging to hire top-notch engineers remotely. To do this on a regular basis, Vstorm has spent hundreds of thousands of hours scanning resumes, making a strong filtering system, and building a community where talented data engineers want to work. 

We have come a long way, establishing an exciting community for developers and the platforms and technologies that enable us to organize teams for the most prestigious companies in the world. Do you want to see what a Vstorm data team might be able to come up with? Don’t wait to contact us; do it right now.

Check www.vstorm/specialists or contact directly our sales department.

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