We build custom AI & LLM-based software

We help startups, scaleups and tech companies to drive ROI by hyper-personalization, hyper-automation, and enhanced decision-making process through AI and LLM-based software using LangChain

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How we can help you

We’re ready to join hands with various teams on AI projects, no matter how complex. By teaming up, we’ll build new systems, AI solutions, and perform integrations to help you stand out from your competitors.

Check if your idea is good, make a simple version of your product, and think about ways to improve it. Our team can assist you in:

  • PoC development of custom LLM-based software
  • MVP development of custom LLM-based software
  • Guide idea transformation into functional AI MVP
  • Assist in planning and building your AI MVP
  • Ensure MVP is well-structured and continuously updated

Design and develop new AI and LLM-based platforms or improve the performance of your existing

  • Create new LLM-based platforms from the ground up
  • Implementation of AI into your product
  • Technology stack integration and optimization
  • Enhance how well your current platforms work and add new capabilities to boost your competitive advantage
  • Build AI-focused team that will extension of experts for your software team

Maximize the benefits of using AI by creating an AI-based platform for your organization Our team is ready to:

  • Guide you on integrating AI into your business effectively, ensuring the end product aligns with your company’s objectives.
  • Turn your concept into detailed, high-quality designs and preliminary models.
  • Develop a process tailored to your needs, considering any specific challenges like security or privacy requirements.
  • Construct and manage advanced, adaptable Large Language Models

AI Types We Specialize At

Conversational AI
Capable AI
Data-driven AI

Conversational AI

Our team specializes in crafting Conversational AI tools, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, perfect for customer service and support. Powered by custom Large Language Models, conversational AI grasp the context, ensuring meaningful and effective interactions. It understand conversations like humans do, improving customer satisfaction, cutting costs, and personalizing interactions. Working in many languages and easily fit into your existing setup, making your customer interactions personalized and more efficient

Conversational AI

Our LLM development services

Custom LLM-based software

Custom LLM-based software

Building secure custom LLM-powered applications that search, understand meaning and converse in text utilizing your company's data without privacy risks.

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Large Language Models development

Large Language Models development

Fine-tuning, prompt engineering and personalization of open source LLMs for specific industries and use cases to increase accuracy, efficiency, security and privacy

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Custom LAM software development

Custom LAM software development

Building custom Large Action Models software to accurately get things done and solve tasks and help people focus on strategic work

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AI-powered software dev

AI-powered software dev

Custom software development with the help of AI-tools with faster time to market (approx. 30%) and unparalleled productivity.

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Check our real use-cases and case studies


Collaborative conversational AI assistant with automation

California-based startup emerged as an organization dedicated to reshaping online discussions with open-source technology

Conversational AI platform that allows multiple users to collaboratively work in real time for an array of state-of-the-art self-hosted LLMs in a secure and safety way.

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Development of Customed Data Management Software

WoodWatch has been named to the FT1000, the Financial Times ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies and  listed by Forbes.

Business intelligence software gave Customer’s teams a bird’s-eye perspective of the data that mattered to them and helped them distill the information into actionable insights.

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CEO, Hypothes.is

One of the key outcomes of this engagement has been the successful application of generative AI to facilitate collaboration. Vstorm’s feedback-driven approach led to significant improvements in project execution and efficiency, overcoming initial challenges and demonstrating our ability to adapt and innovate in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Managing Director, Sonorys Technology GmbH

This partnership has allowed Sonorys to enhance its R&D capabilities and meet its project goals efficiently.

Global Director, MindSonar

Their knowledge, eye for detail, and willingness to commit was impressive. Vstorm’s delivery is – due to the scrum and the sprints – very systematic. They are transparent in what they do and who does it and how many hours it takes.

R&D Center Manager, Viessmann

The team’s top-notch support boosts efficiencies and saves the client a lot of time and money.