VSTORM is Awarded by Clutch as a Top Custom Software Developer in Poland

VSTORM is a Polish bespoke software development company based in Wroclaw. We offer development of web, mobile, and IoT applications. At the core of our work, we employ the most modern and efficient Agile development strategies and utilize the latest software development technologies. 

Since our inception in 2016, we have completed more than 45 challenging projects, worked with clients from across the world, and most importantly, delivered to our clients when it mattered the most.

Being a young yet ambitious company, we’re extremely proud to be recognized as a Top Custom Software Developer in Poland by the most serious platforms that audit the leaders in their respective industries — Clutch

What is Clutch?

Clutch is a world-leading service market research company, that checks, analyzes and reviews companies from all over the world, giving those who seek for a service, a reliable insight into the market they are looking at. Clutch’s mission is to provide customers with real information in customer feedback on companies they are willing to partner with, to streamline their search for new products and services.

Our clients have left us a plethora of great ratings on Clutch, ratings and review platform for B2B business to showcase their satisfaction with our work. Our clients are a major reason as to why we have a rating of 4.9 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars, helping us to be named a top-performing custom software developer on the site!

Here are just a few examples of testimonials that our customers have left about VSTORM on Clutch:

‘The platform is excellent. VSTORM Company designed and developed it to a very high standard. Their good communication skills particularly stood out, as did their ability to manage the work smoothly.’

— Kacper Czarnota, Event Manager, en.wosp.org.pl

‘VSTORM is a phenomenal technical partner, and their efforts help customers focus on other facets of business operations. The team has excellent communication skills and always meet their productivity goals.’

— Grzegorz Sadłoń, CEO, Codarius.com

‘Working with their team is straightforward and painless, thanks to their high-level processes and thorough approach. VSTORM Company’s Scrum master is more than willing to provide detailed explanations of the work, which adds value to their overall service offering.’

— Maciej Chudy, CEO & Founder, wowers.pl

In addition to Clutch, we have also been featured on its sister sites, The Manifest and

Visual Objects. The Manifest is a business-to-business blog, while Visual Objects showcases portfolio items for each company, giving a visual look at their past works.

Small Company, High Standards

We believe that the recognition by Clutch is achieved by the merit of our attitude to work and high standards we constantly comply with. 

In our opinion, to achieve great results, we should not just build apps, but long-lasting partnerships, along which we deep dive into customers’ problems and needs. We develop the solution together and test on each iteration to make sure that we leave the customer with a product that will successfully work for them years after we built it.

In our work, we focus on our customers’ success. Our main goal is to carefully listen to and meet the needs of our clients, and if this happens, we can feel that we completed our mission. The products we build are the tools in achieving their goals, and we are committed to reaching these goals together. 


Thank you to all of our clients who have brought their ambitious dreams to us, and we are so grateful to have turned them into a reality for you! We highly value our clients and are grateful to them for the faith they’ve put in our cooperation. We would also like to thank the entire team for believing in our values, understanding the problems of our clients at their roots, and keeping up with the VSTORM’s mission. Here’s to new heights and exciting products!

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