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Being part of Vstorm can give you many benefits. You can travel, learn, grow and combine all of this with your passions. In addition, you are a member of a vibrant community that cares about you and makes sure you’re well-equipped to do your remote job. 

But one of the essential benefits is so-called by us Life Release. From the moment you join the Vstorm team, you will receive up to $2,500 per year for anything that brings to your life happiness. This all aims to make you do more things you like, taking risks and trying new things out. 

You should no longer think about those shoes you liked at the mall and didn’t buy. You should no longer think about whether to take that exciting and costly new TypeScript course or not. You should no longer hesitate about renting convenient coworking.

You can use the Life Release budget to pay for it! 

When your budget no longer limits you, you can get more likely to try new things. You will become a more curious person, a person who knows more about the world, and a person who can connect with people on a deeper level. 

Here are some of the categories in which you can use your annual budget:

Live Best Life

It’s crucial to have the ability to do the things that you’re passionate about. Live Best Life is precisely about that.

Travel to new destinations, go to restaurants, take coffee, catering, gear for your hobby (music, sport, games, photography, etc.), rent a bike, scooter, gym membership, buy movie tickets, Spotify, or Netflix subscriptions, and more.

Self-development and growth

Use the budget for conferences, books, courses, meetups, subscriptions to apps, webinars, scholarships. Constantly learn and develop yourself.

Ergonomy workspace and devices 

We care about your work environment to help your brain work within a pleasant and convenient workspace. Spend the budget on gear that you need to improve the ergonomics of your workspace. Buy devices like headphones, smart home, monitor, decorations, light, wi-fi router, and more.

Digital platforms

A great developer needs to stay focused and productive for long periods. Different tools and apps can help you boost your productivity and keep your attention on detail. It might be an annual subscription to an app that allows you to improve your time management, make your life easier to manage and improve it somehow, etc. With annual budget, you may gain it all.

Health & Wellness

Relax and recharge your batteries. Use your budget on therapy sessions, meditation apps, private healthcare, gym membership, massages, yoga classes, new toys for your dog, and more.


Working from home is excellent, but working from diverse places can change your perception of the work. Pay for a one-day pass or a monthly membership at a coworking place with your Life Release budget.

It’s not the only category you can spend your annual budget on. Vstorm Community listens to the feedback from our members, and we add some new features regularly.  

Being happy and not fearing to try something new is the best way to connect deeper with your life and ultimately with yourself. Life Release removes the budget blocks which always try to discourage us from doing what we love. 

If you consider yourself as a prospective developer and you want to have a budget of $2,500 to embody your dreams and drive your full potential – join Vstorm and enjoy your life!

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