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Unique product design with illustrations

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MVP development for Millenials beauty freelancers with a mobile-first oriented design based on research and analysis.

Product design | Web development | Mobile development

about client

A brave couple with 15+ years of experience in the beauty sphere

Co-founders of Wowers are the couple with over 15 years of experience in building a chain of beauty salons. They had a brave futuristic vision of a beauty startup that needed a reliable technology partner to bring their ideas to life. The main goal of their SaaS solution was to change the beauty industry in Poland by allowing beauty freelancers to easily find clients and earn money without salons and large investments in marketing or rent.

business need

Create an app for the beauty millennials and freelancers

The main goal of the client was to create a user-friendly SaaS MVP with product design in short terms to leave competitors behind and conquer the Polish market of beauty millennials. VSTORM was tasked with defining a solution that would appeal to generations “Y” and “Z” by presenting the value of the SaaS solution through a unique mobile experience. The main aim of the product was to create a community of beauty freelancers and allow them to earn money easily with no additional costs on marketing or rent so that they can be their own boss.


Orientation at the mobile-first users to create a better experience

To fully understand the needs of the client, VSTORM scheduled a product workshop to crystallize the vision for the app, meet our client’s expectations and give our recommendations. VSTORM started working on the project by creating a UX prototype and wireframes for the mobile app. After that, a team of five was selected to kick off the product development: UX/UI designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, Android developer, and a Scrum Master. The team worked collaboratively with Wowers using an agile scrum framework. VSTORM also undertook the consulting aspect while developing a strategy and prioritized roadmap for MVP.

As millennials in the age of 18–32 years are the Wowers’ target audience, we’ve decided to make an outstanding design and great user experience with personalized illustrations. The analysis also showed that over 65% of users would use the platform on their mobile devices, which is why the team started working on “mobile-first” design and paid exceptional attention to mobile development to arrange the best user experience.

VSTORM then created a structure that would make the app scalable and wrote the code according to the best practices and standards. The team chose Java to create the native mobile app for Android and tested it on over 10 different Android devices. Also, it was decided to integrate Leaflet.js instead of Google Maps, following the path of such services as Facebook, Pinterest, Github, and Foursquare. During the entire development process, VSTORM made sure to constantly undertake code reviews and thoroughly test the Wowers app, which allowed the team to avoid bugs and build a trouble-free MVP.

MVP in just 9 sprints

The team of 5 experienced developers from VSTORM delivered a web and mobile app with product design from scratch and launched MVP in short terms — 9 sprints only. VSTORM continued to collaborate with the client during the release of a fully scalable product. Both the web platform and mobile app received positive feedback from the beauty freelancers and Wowers co-founders.




members of the team

Maciej Chudy

Co-founder of Wowers

“We’ve never created digital startups before, so what’s most impressive to me is that VSTORM Team helps me understand how everything works even to learn how to build an MVP and lean startup approach. VSTORM delivered on their initial promises, their workflow is efficient and very high level.”


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