What does it mean to be a developer in Vstorm?

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A remote B2B IT specialist knows how challenging it can be to work in this line of work. In addition to writing excellent code or testing the code of others, you will probably still experience periods of too much work and not enough work, or you feel that your professional development is not fast enough. Sometimes you also have to care about the company agreement to perform the work in a place of your choice.

Vstorm aims to design the best possible way of life. We want developers to be able to have a good financial standing, unleash their digital potential thanks to our annual personalized budget, travel the world, or do whatever they like.

The Vstorm exclusively works with well-respected, leading companies on long-term projects, so that’s why it’s possible. So, your payment is guaranteed, and you don’t have to worry about the duration of the project. We also make sure that after those long-term projects are completed, those who have proven their worth will be kept on board so they can start new projects.

We have Vstormers who joined over some years ago and are still with us, with an average project length of three years and a high retention rate. This is unprecedented, thanks to the growth opportunities and stability we offer.

We have said enough for now. Let us hear from the Vstormers.

Friendly, Flexible, Professional

I am traveling a lot and for me the opportunity of remote work and flexible hours is crucial – I certainly got that in Vstorm. I can work in any place in the world at any moment of the day.

It is easy to communicate with anybody, co-workers are friendly and open for a conversation. When working in a team we support each other and that’s uplifting. Being surrounded by professionals with open minds and eager to talk about the job or have a small talk about traveling to another continent, gives a huge comfort and keeps the team together.

While working on a project I can rely on other Developers and Project Managers always ready to help and find some solution together. We discuss the technologies, try to use the best solution possible and we keep up with the technology trends. We plan, execute, review and everything is happening in a great atmosphere.

Python developer,

Remember the name – it will be loud about Vstorm soon 🙂

After a few months of cooperation, I have to admit that working at Vstorm is a real pleasure. The company understands my needs and gives me excellent flexibility to do my work, including time and place – this is a real value these days. So if you are a digital nomad then you should definitely check current Vstorm job offers.

When it comes to contact, it is super easy to reach anybody and get an instant answer or help since the whole company is using Slack. That is a great idea – time to say goodbye to long emails and waiting hours or days for an answer. And when you need to sign some papers then you can do it 100% online – they are using Autenti.

Also, if you are looking for a community of IT professionals then Vstorm is again the right place. People here are open to share their knowledge

Senior Test Specialist,


Digital nomads, come here!

I am a digital nomad, I travel a lot, I like to change cities, and I searched for a long for a community that supports and understands this lifestyle. My work now is 100% remote. I can work from Barcelona, Porto or Fuji if I want, given, of course, I comply with my tasks 🙂

Projects are run digitally only. We communicate via Slack and keep project tracking online. I totally appreciate the atmosphere and vibrant mood in the air. People are great, very supportive, professional, and simply friendly. Which is essential for me.


Reliable and committed

I’ve been working for the past four months with Vstorm, and what I can say is that it’s a very family-like atmosphere. Working from home might be difficult for some people, but Vstorm is working hard to make the work enjoyable. Moreover, every day I face different challenges, which allows me to learn and experience a variety of situations. These issues enhance my knowledge and give me great satisfaction once I’ve dealt with them.

Project Manager

100% remote, 100% flexible, 100% for me

100% remote work, I had an opportunity to work from Netherlands,

I love our Wednesdays’ coffee meeting and chatting about various of topics,

Opportunity to grow and to improve processes.

Great atmosphere in a team 😉

Operating Specialist

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We care for our developers and want them to live a fulfilled, energized life where they do their best work. Interested in joining us? Send through your application today.

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