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how to start with generative AI

Welcome to the start of our How-To with AI series for everyday users. Here, we’ll break down how to use the “GPT for Sheets and Docs” extension in easy-to-follow steps.

If you’re curious about integrating AI into your regular tasks, analyzing the content of your document or the data in a spreadsheet, this guide will help you get started without the jargon. Let’s dive in.

Crucial step 0

First, make sure you have an account on To sign up go to

You can use Google or Microsoft accounts to sign up. Upon signing up, you are provided with $18 in free credits. Ideal for a test run.

Remember to set up payment for regular use once your initial credits are exhausted.

Btw. you can and should also set usage limits to manage your expenses.

Step 1. Finding secret API key

After signing up and logging into your account, go to user settings to access your Secret API key. . Generate a new one, name it for example Google Docs, and copy it to the notepad.

Api keys

Step 2. Open your doc and install GPT for Sheets and Docs into your Google extensions


A. What is GPT for Sheets and Docs? It’s an AI tool for Google Sheets and Docs. With it, you can write better, extract data, translate text, and more, all powered by ChatGPT. There are many on the market, but this one makes a really good job.

GPT exact


B. How to add it:

  • Sheets: Open Sheets > Go to Extensions > Search “GPT for Sheets and Docs” > Install
  • Docs: Open Docs > Go to Extensions > Search “GPT for Sheets and Docs” > Install.


get addons


Step 3. Getting AI to work

First, use the OpenAI API key that you have already generated.

  • Sheets: After adding, go to Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Launch sidebar > Set your API key. Try typing =GPT(“say hi”) in a cell. If you see a reply, you’re set!


  • Docs: After adding, Extensions > GPT for Sheets and Docs > Set API Key > Paste API key. If there’s a hiccup, maybe try with a new Chrome profile.


intrduce api key
intrduce api key


Step 4.  Things you can do with AI in Google Docs

  • Generate text using the context of your document. Simply type in your prompt in the control panel that opens on the left. We especially like marking the setting – insert tag + analyze the context.
  • Experiment with prompts. Be concise, and avoid negative contractions. It is always better to write “write formally” instead of  “do not write informally” – it gives better results.
  • A guide for the prompts drafting coming up soon!


Step 5.  Things you can do with AI in Google Spreadsheet

  • Pull out specific data. Just type the function into the cell =GPT_EXTRACT
  • Generate text using the context of your spreadsheet in the right control panel
  • Translate words =GPT_TRANSLATE
  • Shorten long texts =GPT_SUMMARIZE.
  • Label data. =GPT_CLASSIFY
  • Create tables =GPT_TABLE
  • Specific Formatting: For some formatting requirements, =GPT_FILL can be quite helpful
  • much more


The possibilities are immense, and by integrating GPT for Sheets and Docs you will boost your productivity and help you avoid many repetitive tasks.

In short, GPT for Sheets and Docs gives your Google Workspace a smart AI boost. Dive in and enjoy!


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