Getting to know the new Chairman: an interview with Piotr Krzysztofik

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We are excited to announce a new addition to the Vstorm community: Piotr Krzysztofik become Chairman of Vstorm. In this role, Piotr will head up, helping our company to continue to expand and grow.

Piotr Krzysztofik is a business angel, investor, founder, and strategic advisor with over 22 years of experience in IT and managing large, international organizations with over $100M budgets and strategic business initiatives such as the growth of Siemens, Atos, and GlobalLogic. Successfully contribute to scaling Siemens Development Center department and Global Delivery Center of Atos. The last position in the big enterprises he held was the VP, CEO, Country Head, and Advisory Board member at GlobalLogic in Poland, Croatia, and Slovakia. After succeeding acquisition of GlobalLogic by Hitachi he started his activities as a founder, investor, and business advisor. In addition, he has completed an MBA degree and is a certified coach and mentor. In 2023 he has been nominated for the Business Angel of the Year 2022 (BAY )award.

We are delighted that Piotr has decided to join Vstorm. He will be on the road soon, meeting with as many customers and partners as possible. So we decided to ask him a few questions!

What do you believe are the key success factors for the company?

As an IT business professional with over 20 years of experience and a vast network, I strongly believe that the success of any company lies in the mix of business understanding, people and company energy. These factors are particularly crucial in building Vstorm as a successful company. Having a deep understanding of the business is essential to building a successful company. This includes understanding the industry, market trends, customer needs, and competition. By leveraging my over 20 years of experience and network, I am able to make informed decisions that drive the company forward. It also allows me to identify opportunities for growth and develop strategies that align with our goals and values. The people within an organization are the backbone of its success. This includes employees, customers, and business partners.

Building a strong and diverse team that shares the company’s vision and goals is essential in achieving success. As a business owner, I prioritize hiring people who are not only skilled and experienced but also share our company values and culture. Additionally, building long-lasting relationships with our customers and business partners is vital to Vstorm’s success. We strive to provide excellent customer service and develop partnerships based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit.

Company energy is also a critical success factor. The energy and drive of the CEO and key company stakeholders have a significant impact on the company’s culture and success. As a partner of our (and mentor 🙂 CEO Antoni Kozelski, I appreciate the energy he shares and believe it is also my responsibility to lead by example, motivate the team, set the tone for the company culture, and inspire our team to work towards our common goals. I ensure that the company culture is one that values hard work, open communication, and innovation. This creates a positive and energized atmosphere that encourages productivity, creativity, and motivation for cooperation as one team.

What do you see as the major opportunities and challenges facing the company?

Vstorm is a growing company that faces both opportunities and challenges as it seeks to scale its operations and build a successful business. One of the major challenges facing the company is the need to scale rapidly to triple its current revenue within the next one or two years. This will require a concerted effort to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities, develop new markets, and establish a strong brand presence.
Another challenge facing Vstorm is finding the right technology niche where it can build significant expertise and offer Unique Selling Points to the market. This will require the company to invest in research and development, and to focus on understanding the needs and preferences of its customers in order to develop products and services that meet their needs.

Despite these challenges, there are many opportunities for Vstorm to succeed. One of the most promising opportunities is the company’s already great team of professionals, both from the technology and operation sides, who trust in the company’s vision and strategy and contribute to its growth. This provides a strong foundation for the company to build on, as it seeks to expand its operations and develop new products and services.

Another opportunity for Vstorm is the company’s creativity and innovation. With a unique mixture of experience and young energy, the company is not limited by corporate structures or politics and can quickly find out-of-the-box solutions to overcome challenges and jump into new opportunities. This innovative spirit can help Vstorm stay ahead of its competitors and build a strong reputation in the market.

I would like to underline that Vstorm’s ability to balance its innovative spirit with a mature view and experience is a key advantage for the company. With a focus on key business directions, trends, company parameters, and strategy, Vstorm can make strategic decisions and take calculated risks that will help the company grow and succeed in the long term. Overall, Vstorm has many opportunities for success, but it will need to navigate its challenges carefully in order to achieve its ambitious goals.

What personal hobbies and interests do you enjoy outside of work?

I like adventures. In the past, I traveled across Madagascar, dived on Zanzibar, visited wild parts of the Island, hiked Kilimanjaro and last November did high trekking in the Himalayas above 5000 meters. I love motorsport and rallycross specifically. In the role of spotter, I was a member of the Rallycross team of Tomasz Kuchar, Jakub Przygoński, and Oponeo winning 4 times in the Polish Championship, and participating in the World Rallycross series all over Europe. I like classic rally cars – personally own a 1999 Subaru Impreza RA and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6,5 Tommi Mäkinen. And for my physical performance I keep training Crossfit which I love and long (especially mountain) runs (like the 55 km long ZUK Ultra Marathon I have run on the last weekend of February this year).

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