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Powerful Features

Our AI chatbot by Vstorm is more than just a virtual assistant. It’s a complete customer service solution with features that include:

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Speak Globally

Our AI Chatbot supports multiple languages, broadening your business's reach and ensuring accurate, clear communication with diverse customers.

Unified Communication

Seamlessly integrate our AI Chatbot with your existing email system for efficient, multi-channel customer interactions.

Best of Both Worlds

When the chatbot encounters complex queries, it hands off the conversation to a human agent for a perfect blend of AI and human interaction.

Custom-trained on Your Company's Data

Our Chatbot, trained on your company's data, provides personalized and accurate responses for a superior customer experience.

Brand Consistency

With a customizable interface, our AI Chatbot maintains your brand identity across all customer touchpoints.

How it works

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1. Setting a purpose

An AI chatbot for customer service can be a powerful tool for handling inquiries, providing support, and enhancing user experience.

Using an AI chatbot for customer service helps streamline the support process, providing instant answers and freeing up human agents to handle more complex issues.

In this step we customize the chatbot for you, learning it the knowledge and specifcs of your product

2. User Inquiry

The customer interacts with the chatbot by typing a question or request. This could be anything from “What’s my account balance?” to “Help me with my order. The user initiates the interaction by posing a question or making a request.

The user interface is typically designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing customers to easily engage with the chatbot without needing any special knowledge or skills.

3. Processing and Understanding

The chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the user’s inquiry. It determines the intent behind the question and extracts key information.  This process may involve syntax analysis, semantic understanding, and contextual interpretation to fully grasp what the user is seeking. If the query is ambiguous, the bot might ask follow-up questions to clarify the user’s needs.

AI Chat Bot

4. Search and Retrieve Information

Once the chatbot understands the question, it may need to access various information sources to find the required data. This could involve querying databases, connecting to third-party APIs, or referring to pre-existing knowledge bases. The information retrieval process is governed by permissions and privacy protocols to ensure that the bot only accesses the data it’s authorized to use. This phase is critical in enabling the bot to provide accurate and relevant responses.

Use Cases

24/7 Customer Service

Enhance your customer service with our AI Chatbot. Always available, it delivers instant support, solves issues efficiently, and reduces customer wait times, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Internal Helpdesk Chatbot

Implement our AI Chatbot as your internal helpdesk, and experience a more organized and productive workspace. It automates routine inquiries, provides quick solutions to employee issues, and frees up your HR team’s time to focus on strategic tasks.

Sales Assistant Chatbot

Deploy our AI Chatbot as a sales assistant to turn more leads into customers. It provides product recommendations based on customer behavior and preferences, identifies upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and automates the follow-up process, leading to higher sales conversion rates.

Intelligent Business Assistance

Let our AI Chatbot help you run your business more efficiently. It helps you access critical information instantly and reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, freeing up your time to focus on strategic decisions.

AI Chatbot Options & Pricing

Start pilot project with deployment and contact us for customization

starter AI Chatbot


Ideal for small businesses. Includes basic chatbot functionalities without customization.

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enterprise AI Chatbot


Perfect for growing businesses and large organizations. Includes advanced functionalities, integrations and high customization as well as deployment on the dedicated server to have full control.

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Usually it takes 1-2 weeks after signing the contract – pure implementation, depending on the customizations aspects that may take longer. Every customization element is estimated individually.


With Every system that has open API requests

Any LLM via API connection such as ChatGPT-4 or standalone LLM such as Faclon 40b or any other depending on the expectations, requirements and industry specification.

Stand alone solution that will be deployed on your server, no one will have access to it.


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Antoni Kozelski CEO and Co-founder of Vstorm