What is the price of a website?

In today’s world it is hard to imagine any business functioning without a professional website. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important tools that directly influences the success of a company. Below we will try to think about what exactly influences how much a website costs.

What does the cost of creating a website depend on?

Many factors influence how much a website costs. In principle, it cannot be priced without setting specific parameters. The work on the website can be compared to the work of a tailor making a tailor-made suit. In order to serve its owner well, before starting work, the tailor must establish a number of details, such as: size, color, type of material, or preferred cut. The same applies to websites. How much a website costs depends primarily on what functions it has to perform and how many subpages we plan to place in it. However, the most important factor is its type. The price is significantly influenced by whether we need a website such as a business card, company website, online store or information portal. To find out how much it will cost to create a website tailored to the nature of your business, it is best to contact a professional interactive agency. We have prepared a special form for customers who want to quickly find out about the costs. You will find it here: http://vstorm.co/web-app-development-company/. It will take you only 60 seconds to fill it out, and we will find out exactly what you need and send you a free quote.

Let’s consider step by step – how much does the website cost?

In order to make a binding calculation, you need to specify exactly what kind of website you need. The simplest and cheapest type of website is a business card page. Its task is to briefly present basic data about the company and its activities. Its advantage is transparency and ease of finding basic information about the company and contact details. This type of website is most popular among entrepreneurs conducting their activities mainly outside the Internet: e.g. construction companies, transport companies or private medical practices.
In the case of more complicated, complex and complex websites with many functionalities we have to reckon with higher costs. Such solutions are used mainly by entrepreneurs for whom the Internet is the main area of activity and the website is one of the most important elements of marketing activities. Professionals are able to create both extensive sales platforms, as well as solutions allowing the customer to design graphic materials or create a book according to his own idea.

An important factor influencing how much a website costs, is also who will make it. It only takes a few moments to find out that the Internet will quickly and easily find people who declare that they will prepare for us exactly what we need for a few hundred zlotys. All we can say about such offers is that as a result it will be neither fast nor easy, and most often not very good. When we make a decision, guided only by the lowest price, in most cases we risk losing time and money. To make sure that the website we need is of high quality, it is best to rely on a professional interactive agency.

How much does a website cost? What should attract our attention?

Our vigilance should be aroused by an extremely low price and a very short lead time. Creating a professional website requires both time and costs. People working for low rates usually do not devote much time to their projects. As a result, they are underdeveloped and contain errors. Besides, they are often created on duplicate templates and are not very interesting graphically. One should not forget about the fact that the better the website is tailored to the needs of a given business, the better results it brings. Apparent savings may even become a threat to our company. A poor website may discourage Internet users from visiting it. Let’s remember that in the Internet we have only one chance to make a good impression. The vast majority of Internet users, in a situation when the website is uninteresting or difficult to use, simply leave it and do not return to it again. Therefore, if the website is our main marketing tool and we want it to be modern, transparent and functional, it is best to entrust its implementation to a professional interactive agency, which already has satisfied customers.

Just because you’re here means you need a website. If you are looking for someone who will make for you a graphically attractive, built according to UX and UI rules, a fully responsive website, equipped with a functional and transparent CMS content management system, then you are right! How much does a website in VSTORM agency cost? Write or call us and we will prepare a free quote for you.

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