The ABC of Chrome Add-ons for Front-End and Web Developers.

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Add-ons for Chrome that are made just for programmers are not given nearly enough credit and are sometimes ignored. Even if you don’t work on the front end, you’ll find these tools to be really helpful in your work as a web developer. Many developers may be losing out on opportunities because of the dizzying number of  Chrome add-ons available.

That’s why we made a list. As a developer, your time is valuable; here are 29 Chrome extensions that will save you time and help you work more efficiently. These add-ons are completely free and compatible with any Chromium-based browser, not only Chrome. You can also use Opera, Brave, or Microsoft Edge without any problems. Proofchecked by one of Vstorm’s best web developers! This section will discuss the following:

  • WhatFont can identify the typefaces used on a website. With this add-on, you may see, test, save, and ultimately purchase the typefaces used on any website. You may use it to learn the name, size, line spacing, letter spacing, and color of a font. This Chrome add-on is a must-have for every professional web designer or developer.
  • GridRuler provides a ruler that may be used to accurately gauge pixel sizes and coordinates. Any element’s dimensions and relative location on a webpage may be seen.
  • Google Maps Api Checker allows you to determine if your website is properly implementing Google’s licensed Maps APIs.
  • Wappalyzer.
    Wappalyzer can analyze any website to determine what web technologies are being utilized. In addition to CMS and e-commerce platforms, it also finds web frameworks, server software, analytics tools, and more. The extension’s homepage also allows you to search for any website and instantly discover what technologies it employs.
  • Octotree is a browser plugin that streamlines GitHub code exploration and review. It generates a streamlined GitHub repository that mimics an integrated development environment, complete with fast file searches, multiple tab support, and universal bookmarking. More than 400 thousand programmers rely on it.
  • CrxMouse
    By using CrxMouse, you may streamline your mouse actions considerably. To go back, just hold the right mouse button and drag the mouse to the left, and to move ahead, hold the right mouse button and drag the mouse to the right. The range of your mouse’s capabilities may be increased by modifying its movements to suit your personal needs.
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator. You may easily generate lorem ipsum text for use on the web using this tool. Paragraphs of varying lengths, as well as titles, dates, email addresses, and physical mailing addresses, may all be included.
  • Fake Filler. Fake Filler is a handy tool that automatically generates fictitious information for any form field. This Chrome add-on is essential if you’re a web developer who often deals with forms. It saves you time by automatically filling out forms with fictitious information and gives you control over the details of that fictitious information. Any fields that are read-only, disabled, or hidden will be disregarded by the plugin as well.
  • Clear Cache. Just as its name implies, Clear Cache clears your cache. With one click, all of your recent browsing history and cached data are deleted. There will be no prompts for confirmation or pop-up windows. Very quick and simple to do. You may specify exactly what you want to delete and whether you want cookies deleted everywhere, only from certain sites, or everywhere except for a selected few.
  • PerfectPixel. With PerfectPixel, you may compare the website’s visual design to that of a picture by superimposing the latter on top of the former in a partially see-through overlay. How a web developer or designer, you may use this Chrome extension to create sites that look and function precisely as you envisioned them.
  • SimpleExtManager is a straightforward interface that lets you quickly activate, deactivate, and remove Chrome extensions, so you may want to check it out before you start piling on hundreds. Furthermore, you may organize extensions into different groups by using the “Extensions” menu. A need for preserving sanity in an increasingly disordered world.
  • Session Buddy. Session Buddy can organize your browser tabs and bookmarks,Open tabs may be backed up into collections, restored after a crash, consolidated for easy viewing, and searched in the same way as regular tabs.
  • The Web Developer. This add-on, initially made for Firefox, is now available for Chrome as well. It adds a button to your browser’s toolbar that gives you access to a suite of development tools for the web, including the ability to see information about links, meta tags, scripts, and more. Both site developers and digital marketers may benefit from this add-on.
  • Picture-in-Picture. The Picture-in-Picture Chrome extension, developed by Google, enables users to view movies in a small, independent window that floats over top of other windows. Just what you need if you want to multitask while watching a tech speak.
  • ColorZilla. In addition to being an eyedropper and color selector, ColorZilla can also create gradients. ColorZilla is a Firefox add-on that has been ported to Chrome and provides a convenient way to grab the color of each pixel on any webpage. It records your preferences for hues and offers a tool to determine a site’s color scheme based on its HTML code.
  • The Window resizer. The Window Resizer plugin allows you to simulate a wide range of screen sizes. The ultimate Chrome add-on for web designers who want to see how their layout looks in various browser sizes. You may alter the width and height of the window, as well as its location and the symbol that appears as a default, to show just the resolutions you wish. In addition, it lets you save your current configuration and import it onto another device.
  • Image Downloader. Chrome’s built-in Picture Downloader extension will hunt out and save any image on any website, even if it has been intentionally concealed. You may preview all the images on the page and then choose which ones to save, or save them all at once.
  • GoFullPage. Without requiring any special permissions, GoFullPage can take a full snapshot of the current page. With modern websites becoming longer by the day, this Chrome plugin is invaluable for web developers who need a quick, comprehensive overview.
  • TinEye
    Unlike its competitors, TinEye prioritizes picture recognition technology above keywords, metadata, and watermarks. This add-on can locate identical images despite any cropping, editing, or resizing that may have been done. If you’re just using TinEye for fun, it’s completely free and won’t reveal your identity. No results from a search will be stored.
  • FoxClocks
    Developers working from afar, please read this. The FoxClocks extension for Firefox displays current local and global times in a little window at the bottom of your browser. Multiple helpful time formats are available for your selection, or you may design your own. This is especially helpful for knowing when your coworkers are available for meetings or online work.
  • Check My Links
    You may use the Check My Links tool to find any broken links on your site. With only one click, you may copy all of the broken links. If you’re a web designer who doesn’t want to shell out money for fancy promotion tools but also doesn’t want broken links on their site, use this.
  • Project Naptha
    With the use of OCR, Project Naptha allows you to choose text from any online picture and then copy it, change it, and translate it. It may also be used to change the font size, color, and alignment of text in a picture, as well as to remove text entirely.
  • JSON Formatter
    With the JSON Formatter extension for JSONView, you may inspect and verify JSON files in Chrome. It enables you to switch between raw and processed JSON and features collapsible trees and clickable URLs. It can read local files and can read any page that uses the JSON standard.
  • Ghostery. Ghostery enhances your browsing experience by obstructing tracking scripts and advertisements, therefore preserving your privacy and reducing load times. You may choose which websites to allow or prohibit, as well as temporarily disable the plugin.
  • EditThisCookie is a cookie manager that lets you manage your cookies by creating, deleting, editing, searching for, protecting, and blocking them. The cookies are stored in a JSON file that may be exported and imported.
  • Lightshot. Lightshot is an easy-to-use program for capturing images. It’s as simple as picking a region, editing your snapshot, and saving it online. It’s easy to use and perfect for grabbing a screenshot of a page quickly.
  • VisBug. At the 2018 Dev Summit, Google revealed the following Chrome add-on: VisBug is a free, JavaScript-based application for creating designs in a web browser. You have the option to change the text, swap out the photos, review the margins, and much more. One may compare it to the popular bug tracking software FireBug used by developers.
  • Checker Plus. The next one is for the telecommuters: With the help of the Checker Plus Chrome add-on, you may see upcoming events without even having to go to the Google Calendar website. Displays reminders, allows for quick event creation and keeps you apprised of how much time is left before your next scheduled meeting.

As a developer, you may increase your efficiency with these 29 Chrome add-ons. If you’re looking to improve your life, we hope you find at least one useful add-on. If you found this article interesting and believe others will as well, please share it using the social media links at the top of the page.

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