How much does it cost to create mobile application?

Determining the costs of preparing a mobile application is not easy. It depends on many factors. Below we will try to present the most important valuation principles.

What does the cost of creating a mobile application depend on?

The most important factor affecting the cost of preparing a mobile application is the time needed for its implementation. How much we will need it depends on the complexity, functionality and type of platforms on which it is to be published. We start the valuation by determining whether the application is to work on one device or whether it will communicate with external servers and programs with which it is to be integrated in such a case. An important factor determining the final price is also monetization of the application, which depends on the chosen business model.

The costs of creating mobile applications on different platforms.

Once we have determined the monetization model for our mobile application and the target market, it is time to consider which platform will be the most suitable for achieving our goals. In order to answer this question, we need to examine our clients’ target group under this account. Nothing stands in the way of creating applications for both systems. However, we have to take into account additional costs. Due to big differences in programming languages of both systems, only parts of the same code can be used.

The price of a mobile application and its type and functionality.

The simplest and least expensive type of mobile applications are the equivalents of websites. They are most often used to present different types of information. In a more developed version, they are created to provide users with results from external servers. Although seemingly simple, they require work on several levels. Dynamic applications are a category that requires a lot of time, work and therefore financial resources. They require integration with external APIs.

You cannot save on the aesthetics of a mobile application.

While designing a mobile application one must not forget about its appearance. Even the best functionally, if it is not transparent and aesthetically pleasing, it will not be appreciated by customers. Developing appropriate graphics requires time, experience and skills, so it has its price. It is easy to see discrepancies in graphic design prices on the market. Most often, however, low quality is also behind the low price. Marketing research indicates that graphics have a huge impact on the purchase decisions of Internet users. Saving on design can therefore have disastrous consequences.

If you need a mobile application and you are just wondering how much it would cost to create it, write to us or call us. Together we will determine how it should work and look like, on which platform it should best be placed and which monetization model to choose, and then we will estimate its implementation.

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