Digitalizing the bookkeeping expertise in one mobile app


The expertise of years in one app. A digital transformation that entirely suited one mobile and web application. It was continuous cooperation to scale a product with the new features

About client

Since 2014, FinancialLuk has been looking after bookkeeping for more than 100 customers located throughout Poland. The modern age requires modern solutions, and FinancialLuk’s brave team has started digitalizing its services. The team has initiated the development of an innovative instrument that would do lots of routine work and invoicing automated, and the bookkeeping process, in general, less scrupulous.

Digitalize bookkeeping expertise in one app

FinancialLuk was looking for a company that would masterfully digitalize its bookkeeping expertise. In addition, they wanted to create a basis for a diverse financial complex that FinancialLuk’s customers would have in their hands at any moment. This software suite naturally requires mobile apps for different platforms, an admin panel, and a backend. Therefore, a well-established development house offering full-cycle development within one team would be the best fit. In addition, the app was to be developed in small steps and within a limited budget, so building the MVP using Lean methodology was the best option in this case. This approach and the diversity of bookkeeping functions FinancialLuk offers to its customers also required building a scalable MVP product, which would allow future expansion.

Lean methodology and MVP development

To minimize any possibility of going out of tight schedule and budget, Vstorm has started the project by running a workshop with the client to outline all the future software processes. I-Tax Fiskas app is all about finance and personal user data, so security was one of the primary objectives of the development.

Using Lean methodology and Agile Scrum framework allowed VSTORM to build the apps iteratively, testing and checking out the work with the client’s requirements after each sprint, and provisioning the possibility of extending the final product.

Vstorm has selected well-proven technologies to work on the project: Swift for the iOS app, Java for the Android app, and PHP for the backend with SQL as the database engine. The team consisted of four experts: scrum master, backend developer, iOS and Android developers.

The end-user application allows sending invoices to FinancialLuk by taking a picture or selecting them from the device gallery. All invoices are stored in the cloud. The users can also see their monthly financial results right in the application.

The admin back-office provides functionality for user management, including FinancialLuk’s new customers, bookkeepers, and admins, with the possibility of different access rights to be assigned to each user. The bookkeepers and admins can also manage customers’ invoices and actualize financial results right in one place.

Built MVP with Agile

The continuous delivery process used by Vstorm helped to meet the deadline, stay within the budget, and provide a flawless software suite, just as the client required. In addition, version 1.0 provides the possibility for extension, thanks to the usage of Lean methodology. After receiving feedback from the users, Vstorm continued scaling the project.


Vstorm provides effective project tracking and business advice. We worked directly with their developers. As a result, they delivered a high-quality solution on time, helping us to implement it within our agency and introduce it to clients.

Piotr Łukaszczyk, CEO at FinancialLuk

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