Artificial Intelligence Engineer

In Vstorm we specialize in Python web development with AI & Data-powered solutions. We empower Startups and SMBs to scale through technological & strategic partnerships. MVP development, redesign & reverse engineering, data solutions, and AI-driven solutions are among our primary services.

We work with brands like Viessmann, Atos, MindSonar, and others from more than ten countries. Banks, ITC, industries, e-commerce, the energy sector, and automotive and telecommunication companies are among them.

In the Vstorm community you can:

  • Enjoy a long-term, 100% remote job in a flextime plan
  • Work on long-term international projects, where you could expand your skills
  • Workation has never been easier, as we care about performance, not location
  • Use our annual budget of up to 5000PLN gross to spend on what you love
  • Monthly compensation is negotiable depending on your seniority level

We are in search of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer to join our client’s team. The ideal candidate for this position should possess a strong background in AI services. The responsibilities associated with this role include the development and upkeep of artificial intelligence systems and applications aimed at addressing intricate challenges for businesses and organizations. Proficiency in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and various other AI technologies is essential.

What you will do:

  • Designing, deploying, and improving Azure-based AI solutions, including machine learning models, cognitive services, and data analytics.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams (data scientists, developers, business analysts) to implement AI solutions aligned with business needs.
  • Building and optimizing machine learning models using Azure Machine Learning.
  • Creating custom AI models with Azure Cognitive Services (e.g., speech recognition, language understanding, computer vision).
  • Establishing data pipelines with Azure data services for data collection, processing, and preparation.
  • Implementing data analytics solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics or other Azure data services.
  • Managing Azure services and resources through Azure DevOps or similar tools.
  • Monitoring and maintaining deployed solutions for optimal performance and reliability.
  • Ensuring compliance with security and regulatory requirements for AI solutions.
  • Staying updated on the latest Azure AI technologies and sharing knowledge with the team.

Ideally, if you have:

  • 5+ years of IT experience, including 3+ years as an AI engineer.
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or related field.
  • Proven success in developing and delivering AI solutions.
  • Familiarity with cloud computing (e.g., AWS, Azure) is a plus.
  • Relevant certifications like Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer are advantageous.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills for effective collaboration and conveying technical concepts.
  • Willingness to travel occasionally for business and attend on-site meetings.


  • Proficient in programming languages (Python, R).
  • Experience with Azure AI solutions (Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Databricks).
  • Data management and processing skills, including data cleaning, normalization, and feature extraction.
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms and services, including Azure components.
  • Familiarity with DevOps and CI/CD practices, using tools like Azure DevOps and Git.
  • Understanding of security and compliance in cloud-based AI model deployment.
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn).

We offer:

  •  Work in international corporation
  •  Varied contract options to suit your preferences
  •  Choose from remote, hybrid, or on-site work at our local offices
  • Access to essential resources and equipment provided
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Flexible time, fully remote

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Freedom from the first day

Work from anywhere in the world, 100% remotely in personalized, flexible working hours in a fully digitalized workplace, with no paper, no bureaucracy.

Stability and transparency

Work on long-term international projects with indefinite contract agreement. We keep our promises, transparent management, and you know exactly how and where the company stands.

Up to 5000 PLN gross budget

Spend it on what you love. Jump with a parachute or study Japanese or buy digital nomad devices. Choice is yours.


Upgrade your skills, choose project that will help you grow, and work with team of experts on technology that impacts millions of people.

Financial wellbeing

Let the community help you to achieve your financial goals by financial coaching, creating personal investment plan and competitive salary.

Mental and physical wellbeing

You deserve it. Private healthcare, psychologist support, dietician and coaching sessions.

Complete challenges, get rewards

You can complete challenges related to your hobbies, passion, professional and private life and get rewards.

Making a difference

Save 1 tree per year as we are a paperless, zero waste community; and limit your carbon footprint with remote work. If your heart tells you so, join our action to help children from less privileged backgrounds.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process in simple steps:

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Answer a few questions related to your experience in an online form and attach your CV

Short phone call with our recruitment team

First technical interview (~60-90 mins)

(optional) Second technical interview (~45 mins)

Membership offer to join Vstorm Community. Welcome to our community :tada:

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