10 benefits of social media

Social Media and the 21st century

1. Get valuable customer information

Social media generate a huge amount of customer data in real time. Every day there are over 500 million posts, 4.5 billion Facebook likes and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram. Behind these stunning numbers is a wealth of information about your customers – who they are, what they like, and what they like about your brand.Through daily active engagement and social listening, you can gather relevant customer data and use it to make smart business decisions.

2. Increase brand awareness and loyalty

When you have contact with social media, you make it easier for your customers to search and connect with you. Connecting with customers on a social networking level will increase customer retention and brand loyalty. The Social Habit Survey shows that 53 percent of those who follow social brands are more loyal to these brands

3. Launch targeted ads with real time results

Social media advertising is an inexpensive way to promote your company and distribute your content. They also offer effective targeting options so you can reach the right audience. For example, if you are running an advertising campaign in LinkedIn, you can segment things like location, company, job title, gender and age – the list goes on. If you use Facebook advertising, you can target your ads based on location, demographics, interests, behavior and connections. You can track and measure the effectiveness of social media advertising in real time.

4. Create larger conversion leads

Social media increase sales and customer retention through regular interaction and fast customer service. In the MHI Global’s 2015 Best Sales Practices Survey, world-class companies are assessed social media as the most effective way to identify key decision makers and new business opportunities. In the state of social sales in 2015 Nearly 75 percent of social media sales companies reported sales growth in 12 months.

5. Provides a rich customer experience

Even if you’re not in social media, most of your customers expect you to be. Over 67 percent of consumers look for a service on social networking sites. They expect quick answers and 24/7 support from companies, those that meet customer expectations win the competition. Aberdeen Group’s survey shows that companies involved in social media services see significantly higher annual financial returns (up 7.5% on the previous year) compared to people without (2.9%).

6. Increasing website traffic and search rankings

One of the biggest advantages of social media for business is to use it to increase traffic to the site. Social networks not only help to direct people to your website, but the more share you receive, the higher your search ranking will be.

7. Find out what your competitors are doing

By monitoring social media you can get key information about your competitors. This type of intelligence will allow you to make strategic business decisions in order to be resistant to the actions of your competitors.

8. Share content faster and easier

In the past, marketers have faced the challenge of ensuring that their content reaches customers in the shortest possible time. When using social media, especially if you want to share information about your company or to create content, all you have to do is share it in your brand’s social account.

9. Geographical area content

Geographic targeting is an effective way to send messages to a specific group of recipients based on their location. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter contain tools that enable you to communicate the right content to your audience.

10. Build relationships

Social media is a two-way channel where you have the opportunity to enrich your customer relationships. For example, social media enables travel brands to enter into a dialogue with travellers, thus creating customer relationships before, during and after their travel bookings with the company. This type of social media dialogue between brands and customers is something that traditional advertising cannot achieve.

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